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The production of ceramics in Modra dates back to the 15th century. The potters of Modra focused mainly on hand-made household tableware and, throughout centuries, with the contribution of the Hutterite influence, they have developed specific ornamentation as well as some shapes and pots.

In 1883, in an attempt to develop the tradition of pottery production, the Modra masters established a ceramics workshop. This school was frequented by masters (adepts) from the entire monarchy, in order to improve and develop the traditional technology of faience. By searching for old Hutterite patterns, creating new natural and crafts motifs and above all, by preserving the typical colouring, the masters have maintained the quality and uniqueness of Modra ceramics at the highest artistic level.

Precisely these values - regional ornamentation, specific colouring, and the heritage of the old masters make our ceramics original and beautiful.